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A Safety Awareness Event held April 19 focused on the critical need for Minnesota to Invest in Transportation Infrastructure to Improve Safety -NOW

The event featured traffic cones placed on the front steps of the State Capitol Building, each representing a fatality that occurred on Minnesota Roadways in 2015.

April was Distracted Driving Awareness Month as well as National Work Zone Awareness Week

Get a preview of federal and state transportation funding legislation by viewing our 2017 Session Preview below.

2016 Election Overview

The outcome of the 2016 elections has definitely altered the landscape for transportation policy and funding initiatives. From the Presidency down to state legislative races, we face a new legislative dynamic and many new faces.

What hasn’t changed: the huge need for resources to increase the nation’s and the state’s investment in the transportation system and bipartisan agreement on…

With just seven days remaining in the 2016 Legislative Session, and only six days in which the Legislature is constitutionally authorized to pass bills, Governor Dayton is urging legislators to act quickly to enact a compromise transportation solution.

The Governor’s two proposals include ideas supported and passed by the Minnesota Senate and House of Representatives.

Underscoring the need for additional transportation dollars and the need for work in important transportation corridors, legislators have introduced over 85 bills during the 2016-17 biennium for specific transportation improvements around the state totaling over $2 billion in needed funding.

The Minnesota Transportation Alliance has long advocated for additional tools that Minnesota’s local governments could use to address their unmet road, bridge, and transit funding needs. In particular, recent efforts have focused on three specific funding tools: 1) the $10/vehicle County Wheelage Tax; 2) the local option half-cent dedicated sales tax; and 3) the $20/vehicle excise tax. Along with our partners, the Alliance’s efforts have been…

Progress In Motion Launches “Fund Our Roads” Ad Campaign

Legislators shouldn’t let political gridlock block passage of a transportation funding bill again.

Progress In Motion has launched a statewide ad campaign to educate voters on the need for new road and bridge funding.

“With fifty percent of the state's roads and bridges more than 50 years old, and 1,000 of the state's bridges are structurally insufficient, the time is…

Presentations from the FAST Act Workshop (See Attachments at Below)

Learn more about the transportation authorization act signed by the President

The FAST Act, signed into law by President Obama, provides 5-years of surface transportation authorization with increased funding levels. More details are available in the documents shown below.

FAST Act Workshop - Messages from Al Franken and Amy Klobuchar…

See attached list of TED Grant Projects below.

Lt Gov Tina Smith and MnDOT Commissioner Charlie Zelle announced the projects for the latest round of funding provided under the Transportation Economic Development Program (TED).

The $32 million provided this year in state TED funds will help leverage other federal, state, local, and private funding for a total construction program of $137 million. State funding…

Six business organizations, including the Duluth Area Chamber of Commerce,Greate r Mankato Growth and St. Paul Area Chamber of Commerce, publicly called onlegislators to fix transportation this year with new revenue.

Business Support for Transportation