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The Alliance prides itself on being the state’s foremost authority on the full spectrum of transportation policy matters in Minnesota. The Alliance addresses transportation funding and policy issues involving all modes of transportation, and at all levels of government.

The Alliance is the one place where different organizations all come together to reach consensus and develop partnerships that allow for funding success.

Join your colleagues in the transportation community as a member of our statewide coalition.

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Access to timely, reliable information on current legislative activity

As an Alliance member, you will receive regular updates on the latest legislative activity in St. Paul as well as federal updates on congressional action in Washington, D.C. These updates – provided to members via e-mail and our web site -- ensure that you are kept informed on the latest transportation-related news that will directly affect you and your organization. The Alliance staff also provides information in response to specific requests posed by our member organizations. At the Alliance, providing effective service to members is a top priority, so we strive to respond to member requests as quickly as possible, usually within 24 hours.

Opportunities to talk with lawmakers and network with other transportation industry members and advocates

The Transportation Alliance brings together transportation advocates from all areas of the state, at a variety of events throughout the year. These events allow you to hear from lawmakers and share your views with them in addition to providing opportunities to meet with your colleagues. The Alliance has sponsored our annual “Washington, D.C. Fly-in” for over 30 years, making it the oldest and best attended event of its kind. We also bring together transportation advocates from all over the state to meet with state lawmakers in Saint Paul at our annual Transportation Day at the Capitol. Informational conferences such as our Annual Transportation Alliance Meeting featuring the Construction Forecast will give you more in-depth information on trends and developments in transportation.

Tools for becoming a strong transportation advocate

One of the principal goals of the Alliance is to increase the capacity of others to pursue their own transportation policy and funding objectives. In an effort to build an effective grass roots campaign in support of transportation needs, the Alliance provides resource materials tailored specifically to individual members. We’ll let you know through our Action Alerts when you need to get involved and what action you can take to make a difference. We’ll provide contact information for legislators and committee members, issue-specific talking points, and sample letters to the editor. Whatever assistance you need – we’re here to provide it!

More Money for Transportation, Roads, Bridges, Highways, Ports & Much More

One of the most important benefits of belonging to the Alliance is working with your colleagues to secure additional financial resources for transportation projects. Our legislative work has led to additional funding for state highways, local bridges, local roads, major transit ways and local transit systems, ports and waterways and airports. As a member of a strong, statewide coalition, you can make a difference and together we can achieve important legislative victories that will make Minnesota’s transportation system safer and more effective.