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Read the full 2018 Local Transportation Funding Report for information on the Local Option Wheelage Tax, the Sales Tax, the Vehicle Excise Tax, and the Aggregate Tax.

Please see the below attachment to learn more about the 2018 Legislative Session Summary: Building on Previous Funding Increases.

Bill signed by Governor Dayton.

Read the summary of transportation provisions here: Transportation Provisions Summary

Review the whole document here: Capital Bonding Bill



The Water Resources Development Act of 2018 represents Congress' continued investment in vital American infrastructure. Our ports, inland waterways, locks, dams, flood protection, and other water infrastructure are essential to generating economic growth, moving goods throughout the country and beyond our borders, and protecting our communities. Read more about the Act on the Transportation & Infrastructure Committee's…

Infrastructure Week, a non-profit organization, convenes a national week of education and advocacy that brings together American businesses, workers, elected leaders, and everyday citizens around one message in 2018: Americans are waiting. The future won’t. It’s #TimeToBuild.  Each year during IWeek, leaders and citizens around America highlight the state of our nation’s infrastructure – roads, bridges, rail,…

The 2018 House and Senate Bonding Bill has been released. Click here to review.

Transportation affects every aspect of our lives.

Whether we are sending our children on the school bus, moving a farm product to market, or serving and protecting our communities as a first responder, transportation runs through every aspect of our state.

Lend your voice to the coalition and tell St. Paul to fully fund transportation.

Text Transportation to 52886 to be heard.

Bob Frey, Planning Director Tampa-Hillsborough Expressway Authority Bringing innovative connected vehicle technology to Tampa's downtown.

Presentation - PDF  Video

Jim McCarthy FHWA, Minnesota Office Three pilot projects being funded by US DOT, designed to save lives, improve mobility and transform operations.

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Jay Hietpas MnDOT

Transportation Bill, Bonding Bill Finally Passed!

After years of advocating and campaigninig for a long-term,comprehensive transportation funding bill, we finally have a bill passed that makes progress in addressing the $600M per year shortfall for roads and bridges in the state.

The Capital Bonding bill contains more money for transportation than we have seen previously. After many years of lobbying to have…