125th Annual Membership Meeting

The Minnesota Transportation Alliance is 125 years old this year! Come celebrate with us at our Annual Membership Meeting on Thursday, November 8 at A'BULAE. Click this link to find out more information and to register: https://www.transportationalliance.com/event/125th-annual-membership-meeting

This year's meeting will feature guest speakers John Mica, Former Congressman and Infrastructure Chair; Kevan Stone, National Association of County Engineers; John Sweeney from Brave New Workshop; and Mark Ritchie, Former MN Secretary of State. There will also be speakers from MnDOT and the Center for Transportation Studies.

Please enjoy our anniversary video, featuring members and supporters from past and present!

See who else will be coming to the Annual Meeting by clicking on the Attendee List file below. Add your name to the list today!

If you have questions, please contact Programs@TransportationAlliance.com, or call 651-659-0804.