Federal Grants Workshop

WSB Engineering ~ WSB University Room 10am to 1:30 pm

After two years of experience with IIJA and IRA Discretionary Grant programs, we have learned a lot about the criteria and projects that have successfully competed for federal funds. 

As part of the Omnibus Transportation Funding bill, the Minnesota legislature provided $216.4 million in state matching funds for IIJA grants, as well as $2 million for technical assistance to help smaller local governments compete for federal dollars. How much of that funding has been distributed?  How can you access this funding?  We will help you sort it all out at this event. Come learn more about these funding opportunities and how and when to apply for discretionary grants at the federal level, as well as learning more about the state matching funds.  

This event will bring local governments, tribes, transit systems and state agencies together with private sector partners to explore how we can help Minnesota maximize the amount of federal funding coming to our state.

This Workshop will feature:

  • Welcome
  • Overview and Updates on Federal Discretionary Grant Programs and Funding Levels
  • Update from Micah Intermill, Enterprise Director for Minnesota Management and Budget
  • Lunch
  • Reauthorization - What should be included or changed?




Event Accommodations

WSB Engineering

701 Xenia  Ave S

Suite 300

Minneoplis, MN 55416

PH: 763-541-4800

10: 00 am to 1:30 pm


Workshop Registration Fees

Lunch Included

$50 - Members
$60 - Nonmembers

$45  -  Hybrid Remote Option