Roadmap to 2040

A Roadmap to 2040

The Minnesota Transportation Alliance Long-Range Transportation Plan

Minnesota’s Transportation System – Our Future Is Riding On It

Generations of Minnesotans have a built an integrated, multimodal transportation system with many miles of roadways, and freeways, thousands of bridges, miles of railway, ports and waterways, airports and transitways along with bus service for residents throughout the state.

This foundation can serve as a springboard to the future, attracting new businesses that look to a strong transportation infrastructure to move products and people.  We can revitalize our state’s economy and dramatically improve the quality of life in Minnesota with key transportation investments that position our state for the future.  Or we can watch the investments of previous generations continue to age and deteriorate.

Minnesota’s extensive transportation system moves an enormous amount of products and millions of people every year.  However, congestion and safety problems continue to plague the system.

  • Every year over 400 Minnesotans are killed in traffic crashes and thousands are injured;
  • Minnesota commuters are paying over $800 per year in lost fuel and time due to traffic congestion, while potholes and deteriorating roads throughout the state inflict costly wear and tear on vehicles;
  • Many Minnesotans have little choice when it comes to getting to work, accessing needed services and reaching other important destinations, adding costs for individuals and society.

As we look out over the next 40-50 years, will Minnesota be a place with vibrant, livable communities that are well connected?  Will our agricultural, manufacturing, retailing and other business sectors be able to efficiently move commodities and products and effectively compete in a global marketplace?  Will our state be home to a strong transportation construction industry that provides high-quality jobs while improving the safety and effectiveness of our public infrastructure?

We have a real opportunity to transform Minnesota’s future and make our transportation system the driving force behind our economic growth and quality of life.

The state needs a multimodal, long-range transportation plan that:

  • Builds consensus among local governments, the state, stakeholders and the public about how our future transportation system should look;
  • Explores ideas for innovation and re-designing how transportation services and projects are planned and delivered;
  • Provides suggestions for how to fund the investments we need to maintain and build the transportation system that will allow our state to be competitive.

With input from our members and transportation community stakeholders, we’ve developed a roadmap that illustrates the needs on our transportation system that should be addressed.  Without additional funding, most of these identified safety and efficiency needs cannot be addressed.