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Progress In Motion brings together organizations with a stake in the safety and effectiveness of our transportation system to raise awareness and build support for action. Minnesota has fallen behind. Our infrastructure is aging and the state will not have the resources to repair and replace all of the deficient bridges and worn out roadways and will not be able to handle the growing congestion and need for investment in Minnesota highways, bridges and transit as the population grows by over 1 million in the coming decades.

Progress In Motion is reaching out to hundreds of thousands of Minnesotans and keeping Transportation Funding a top priority.

Support For Transportation Funding Growing

Fundraising Goal

Progress in Motion


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Why Contribute?

A number of organizations and associations work on different aspects of transportation policy and funding but only with an organized, focused effort to reach out to the public and lawmakers can we all reach our goals for a safer and more effective transportation system. Your contribution to Progress In Motion leverages other funding and allows us utilize public relations tools and strategies such as paid advertising that individual groups do not have the budget to take advantage of alone.

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Our Efforts

Through the use of many forms of media, PIM brings a strong message regarding the need for transportation investments to community and political leaders, editorial and blog writers, news reporters and the public.

Progress In Motion reaches out to build political support for transportation investments. Our strategies include: Paid Advertising, Community Outreach, Earned Media Coverage, Social Media – You Tube, Facebook, Twitter -- and Reports and Publications with important information about Minnesota’s transportation system.


Progress in Motion

Our Focus

Progress In Motion will continue to focus on the need for ongoing, dedicated funding for highways, bridges and transit throughout Minnesota. In order for the state achieve our goal of a safer and more effective transportation system, we believe that a comprehensive transportation funding package with stable, dedicated funding is needed.

Transportation projects require planning, design and construction that can take a number of years. Without reliable funding streams, long-term planning is impossible. Minnesota has had constitutionally dedicated user fees for many decades that have formed the backbone of our transportation funding.
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Our Coalition

Progress In Motion supporters represent a variety of stakeholder organizations from all across the state. Our members include local governments, businesses, safety advocates, labor, transportation industry, transit systems and other allies who rely on the transportation system to efficiently move people and products every day.

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