Federal Funding Legislation Explained & Legislative Session Wrap Up

        10:00 AM – Welcome

        10: 15 AM – Federal Legislation Explained and Impact for MN

                                 INVEST In America Act, Surface Transportation Reauthorization Act,                                                                    American Jobs Plan

                                 Serge Phillips, MnDOT

                                 Margaret Donahoe, Transportation Alliance

                                 Local Viewpoint

                                 Wayne Sandberg, Washington County, NACE Representative

                                 Anne Finn, League of Minnesota Cities

                                 Steve Bot, City of St. Michael, I-94 Coalition

                                 Jodi Teich, Stearns County – Moderator

         11:30 AM – Box Lunch

         12:30 PM – Minnesota Legislative Session Outcome for Transportation

                                 Senator Scott Newman, Chair, Senate Transportation Committee

                                 Rep. Frank Hornstein, Chair, House Transportation Committee

                                 Senator John Jasinski, Vice Chair, Senate Transportation Committee

                                Senator Scott Dibble, Senate Transportation Committee