Transportation Funding Projection and 2020 Session Update

May 8th at 9:00 a.m.


The State of Minnesota will be releasing a new Budget Projection on May 5th including new estimates for transportation revenue sources such as the motor fuel tax, motor vehicle registration tax, motor vehicle sales tax and other statutorily-dedicated revenue sources along with the revenue sources that go into the General Fund.

Join House Transportation Committee Chair Representative Frank Hornstein and MnDOT Legislative Director Erik Rudeen for a discussion of the latest funding outlook and what this means for decisions that will be made during the remainder of the 2020 Legislative Session.

We will also highlight the latest developments related to the Capital Bonding bill and the prospects for transportation funding for roads, bridges, transit and other modes in a bonding bill passed during this Session. The discussion will also include transportation policy legislation and proposed changes to the Project Selection Process.

The update will include much-anticipated updates on transit and transit funding in the state, as well.

Why is this important?

  • New revenue estimates will give us a better sense of what will happen with transportation projects and programs in the future.
  • Hear firsthand from Chair Hornstein about the priorities and plans of the Minnesota House. Learn more from MnDOT about any potential changes to projects and programs and the impact of reduced traffic volumes.
  • Share your concerns and ask questions about issues that are of concern to you.