Highway Funding Distribution Update

Join us on Friday, February 12th for a discussion on the distribution of state and federal highway funds and the Construction Let budget setting process

Highway and Bridge Fund Distribution

  • Brian Gage, Transportation Planning Director, MnDOT will discuss the $300M in Trunk Highway Bonds authorized in the Capital Bonding bill passed in October, 2020.  Of the $300 million in bonds, $25 million was set aside for Project Development and $84 million was designated to the State Road Construction Program.  Learn more about how those dollars will spent. 

The Bonding bill also included funds for the Local Bridge Replacement Program with $52 million earmarked for the 3rd Avenue/Kellogg bridge in St. Paul and $30 million available for other local bridges.  Get an update on the distribution of these bridge bonds.

Minnesota will also receive an additional $163 million in Federal Highway Funds from the COVID relief bill passed by Congress in December.  Learn more about the distribution of these additional federal highway funds.

Construction-Let Budget Setting Process

  • Jay Hietpas, Transportation Division Engineer, MnDOT will discuss how MnDOT will establish project construction let budgets for all projects. The “construction let” budget represents the cost at the construction contract award point.  The construction let budget will be included in the Total Project Cost Estimate.