New Local Cost Participation Policy

On February 19th, the Governance Council approved the Cost Participation Policy and Manual. The policy and manual have been posted on the policy web site and are now in effect.

Report on Major Highway Projects, Trunk Highway Fund Expenditures, and Efficiencies -(.pdf file)

The Major Highway Projects, Trunk Highway Fund Expenditures and Efficiencies report, MHPR, provides a snapshot of MnDOT’s programming and delivery for all large construction projects meeting the cost thresholds laid out in statute. The scope of the report and the information it contains are meant to inform the reader about MnDOT’s business planning, building, operating and maintaining Minnesota’s transportation system.

MnDOT Highway Project Selection: Evaluation Report -(.pdf file)

In April 2015, the Legislative Audit Commission directed the Office of the Legislative Auditor to evaluate the process by which MnDOT selects construction projects on the bridges and highways under its jurisdiction. The results of the report can be found in the link above.

Report on Dedicated Fund Expenditures -(.pdf file)

This report lists detailed expenditures and transfers from the trunk highway fund and highway user tax distribution fund for fiscal years 2010 through 2015, and includes information on the purpose of each expenditure.

New Report Documents Impact of $600M Investment in Highways and Bridges -(.pdf file)

The report makes the case for the direct impact that the quality of the state’s transportation system has on the state’s economy and the business community. (Press Release)

Background on Transportation Funding -(.pdf file)

These documents provide basic background information on how transportation is funded currently as well as options for increasing funding.

CAFE Standards vs. A Gas Tax: An Environmental Comparison -(.pdf file)

An article published in Forbes earlier this month looks to compare the use of free market taxation over government regulation on promoting fuel efficiency in vehiles.  

The Impact of Federal Funding on Minnesota Transportation  -(.pdf file)

Money provided by the Federal government is vital to the success of Minnesota's transportation goals. Here are just a few examples of Federally funded projects that have changed the lives of countless Minnesotans.

Investing In Minnesota's Bridges: An Infographic -(.pdf file)

Here are some statistics on the condition of Minnesota's bridges. Numbers which may serve as a reminder of why responsible funding for infrastructure is a necessity.

Local Government Options for Transportation Funding  -(.pdf file)

In addition to revenue provided through the Highway User Tax Distribution Fund, counties have some tools available to them to generate funding at the local level for transportation purposes.

The Wheelage Tax is an annual per vehicle charge that is similar to the license tab fees. Counties have the option of imposing this fee on vehicles registered in their counties or not.  Changes to the law enacted during the 2013 Session made this option available to all 87 counties.

The Local Option Sales Tax for Transportation allows counties outside of the Metropolitan Transportation Area to levy a local option sales tax of up to ½ cent for a transportation project or improvement or for transit operating needs or Safe Routes to School projects.

The Minnesota Transportation Alliance has developed this booklet of information on these local tools including estimates of the revenue that could be generated in each county if these taxes were used.

This service is provided to Alliance members as we strive to provide the latest and most useful information on transportation policies and funding.


Roadmap to 2040 The Minnesota Transportation Alliance Long-Range Transportation Plan