Attend Apr 17 rally  

Your legislators need to hear from you.  Come to the Capitol Rotunda at 10:00 a.m. Wed, April 17, 2013 to support legislation this session.

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Write Your Lawmakers  

Click here to make a difference today!  Please take a moment to contact your legislators about the current transportation bill.

Sample letters for use by you, as a member of the public, or by your local officials are on our Legislative Action page

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Text of the current bill, H.F. 931/SF891

Funding Update  

New estimates of transportation revenue from Mn/DOT


Click on image to see the full-size funding chart

Transportation funds forecast, Feb 28, 2013

Feb, 2013 Financial Snapshot

5 Years of Progress  

This week marks the 5 year anniversary of the Minnesota State Legislature's vote in favor of transportation and infrastructure investments and we're celebrating! Read more about what this legislation has done for Minnesotans and a statement from MTA Executive Director Margaret Donahoe here.

Let's thank these legislators for their leadership in 2008!

Maps of Challenges  

Please click below to view both a Metro Area and Statewide map of what the future of transportation in Minnesota looks like. These were released on Thursday, January 24, 2013 as part of a Progress In Motion press conference.

Metro Area Transportation Map

Minnesota Transportation Map

2013 Session Agenda  

The Board of Directors for the Transportation Alliance has approved the 2013 Transportation Legislative Agenda.  You can read the Agenda with our legislative positions and priorities here.”

Here are the presentations from the January 7, 2013 Transportation Workshop for Legislators:

Road to Success workshop

AMC Presentation

Legislative briefing:  Minnesota's Municipal Transportation System

CTIB Overview

Sherry Munyon, Minnesota Public Transit Association

Economic Impact of Construction

Presentations - 119th Annual Meeting  


The Minnesota Transportation Alliance held its 119th Annual Meeting and 2013 Construction Forecast on November 1st.  With over 140 participants, we had a very successful event featuring an agenda that was filled with the latest information and insight on the future of Minnesota’s transportation system.

Our agenda included:

The State Highway Construction Forecast– This presentation highlights upcoming projects and overall work levels on the state highway system for the next few years.

County Highway Construction Highlights – The Association of Minnesota Counties presented information on upcoming work in counties around the state.

- MnDOT Office of State Aid Update –Local bridge funding levels, local road funding levels and updates on the flood work that will be going on in the next construction season are contained in this presentation.

State Revenue Update – This presentation provides important information on funding levels as projected for the state fuel tax, registration tax, motor vehicle sales tax and federal funding for transportation.

What's missing from the Mn/DOT needs list?  

Is your priority on the Mn/DOT list of unfunded needs?

Your Input Is Needed! Attached you will find a list of unfunded needs that was assembled by MnDOT in response to a request from a national organization called TRIP which is  putting together a report on the top 100 transportation challenges in Minnesota. MnDOT has projected the unmet highway need on the state trunk highway system at $10 to $12 billion over the next 20 years.  The list you have identifies projects totaling about $7 billion that are not funded but would make Minnesota’s transportation system an economically competitive/world class system.  An additional $3 billion worth of projects has not yet been identified.

Please tell usAre there any high profile projects on the trunk highway system that are missing on this list that should be included in the next 20 years to provide a more economically competitive highway system that would fit in the $10 to $12 billion unmet need amount?  What do you see as the top needs on our state highway and transit system over the coming two decades?

Your feedback is important as we work to develop a common vision and message regarding the future of our state’s transportation system and work to convince policymakers of the need for additional investments.

Mn/DOT list of unfunded needs   Is your  priority listed?