Recap - 2016 Washington DC Fly-In

Washington DC

Recap & Presentations - Washington DC Fly-In 2016

How the FAST Act will be Implemented 

PANEL - June 7, 2016

Crystal Jones, Team Lead, Freight Program Delivery, FHWA
Gerald Solomon, Director, Office of Project Development and Environmental Review, FHWA
Dean Franks, Vice President, Congressional Relations, ARTBA
Eddie Wytkind, Legislative Assistant, Office of Representative Nolan
Jason Frye, Legislative Director, Office of Representative Emmer

Minnesota's Congressional Delegation

Senator Klobuchar
Video of presentation

Senator Franken
Video of presentation

Representatives Emmer and Ellison (part 1 of 2)
Video of presentations

Representatives Ellison (part 2 of 2), Paulsen and Nolan
Video of presentations

Representatives Peterson and McCollum
Video of presentations

Washington DC Fly-In 2016