Presentations - Annual Meeting 2016

Presentations - Annual Meeting 2016
 Robert Latham, Executive Vice President
 Pennsylvania Constructors
 The successful Campaign to secure additional
 funding for transportation in Pennsylvania:
Dennis McGrann
Director,  Lockridge Grindal Nauen
How will the next Congress Deal with Transportation?
Mark Gieseke
Transportation System Management Office, MnDOT
Multi-modal Funding Outlook, State Highway Construction Program
Project Selection, MnSHIP Update, Major Projects - Status and Future
Ted Schoenecker
Office of State Aid, MnDOT
Local Road Improvement Program/Local Bridge Program, Wheelage Tax/Local Option, Sales Tax Update
Peter McLaughlin
Hennepin County Commissioner and Chair of Counties Transit Improvement Board (CTIB)
Metro Transit Update
Doug Loon
President, Minnesota Chamber of Commerce

Business Perspective on Transportation