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Transportation Day at the Capitol
Wednesday, March 7, 2018
​Best Western Plus Capitol Ridge
161 Saint Anthony Avenue, St Paul, MN
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2018 Washington D.C. Fly-In
Tuesday, May 22-24, 2017
Washington, D.C.
2018 Annual Meeting
Thursday, November 8, 2018

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​View presentations and videos from our 2017 Annual Meeting

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2017 Legislative Session Summary  

2017 Legislative Session Summary

Transportation Bill, Bonding Bill Finally Passed!

After years of advocating and campaigninig for a long-term,comprehensive transportation funding bill, we finally have a bill passed that makes progress in addressing the $600M per year shortfall for roads and bridges in the state.

The Capital Bonding bill contains more money for transportation than we have seen previously. After many years of lobbying to have consistent funding at higher levels for the Local Road Improvement Program and Local Bridge program, this year’s bill provides almost $116 million for LRIP and $49 million for local bridges. The transportation bill contains another $25 million for local bridges for a total of $74 million for local bridges. The bonding bill also provides funding for two transitways.

Although it took an extra four-day special session to get their work done, legislators were able to work with the governor to pass a two-year budget and avoid a government shutdown. For transportation, we don’t have to worry about a special session occurring in June or July – they are done until February 20, 2018

Text Transportation to 52886 and be heard.  

Transportation affects every aspect of our lives.
Whether we are sending our children on the school bus, moving a farm product to market, or serving and protecting our communities as a first responder, transportation runs through every aspect of our state.

Lend your voice to the coalition and tell St. Paul to fully fund transportation.
Text Transportation to 52886 to be heard.

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2017 Session Preview  

Get a preview of federal and state transportation funding legislation by viewing our 2017 Session Preview.

Election Analysis 2016-Transportation  

2016 Election Analysis of Transportation Policy and Funding Initiatives

2016 Election Overview

The outcome of the 2016 elections has definitely altered the landscape for transportation policy and funding initiatives. From the Presidency down to state legislative races, we face a new legislative dynamic and many new faces.

What hasn’t changed: the huge need for resources to increase the nation’s and the state’s investment in the transportation system and bipartisan agreement on that fact. Prior to the outcome of Tuesday’s election we were hearing from candidates on both sides of the aisle that increasing investments in infrastructure was an area of agreement. Candidates for Minnesota’s legislature brought up the need for a comprehensive, long-term transportation funding package over and over again in news stories, candidate profiles and candidate forums. We were hearing more from candidates about transportation than we have in previous election cycles. Voters in other states, made their voices heard by approving ballot initiatives in 22 states that increased and stabilized funding for transportation.


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