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Safety Event Photos  

A Safety Awareness Event held April 19 focused on the need for Minnesota to Invest in Transportation Infrastructure to Improve Safety -NOW

The event featured traffic cones placed on the front steps of the State Capitol Building, each representing a fatality that occurred on Minnesota Roadways in 2015.

Presentations - Washington DC Fly-In 2016  

How the FAST Act will be Implemented 
PANEL - June 7, 2016
Crystal Jones, Team Lead, Freight Program Delivery, FHWA
Gerald Solomon, Director, Office of Project Development and Environmental Review, FHWA
Dean Franks, Vice President, Congressional Relations, ARTBA
Eddie Wytkind, Legislative Assistant, Office of Representative Nolan
Jason Frye, Legislative Director, Office of Representative Emmer
Minnesota's Congressional Delegation
Senator Klobuchar
Senator Franken

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Campaign Billboards-Fund Our Roads  

Progress In Motion Launches
“Fund Our Roads” Ad Campaign
Legislators shouldn’t let political gridlock block passage of a transportation funding bill again.

Progress In Motion has launched a statewide ad campaign to educate voters on the need for new road and bridge funding.

“With fifty percent of the state's roads and bridges more than 50 years old, and 1,000 of the state's bridges are structurally insufficient, the time is now for lawmakers to approve a long-term, dedicated source of funding to repair and expand Minnesota’s highways,” said Margaret Donahoe, Executive Director of the Minnesota Transportation Alliance.

Last year, political gridlock prevented lawmakers from enacting a sweeping transportation bill that would have paid for improvements to major commerce corridors, including sections of I-94 and Highways 14 and 23

“Legislators can’t let party politics get in the way of supporting new revenue for something that is so critical to Minnesota’s economy and the safety of the state’s drivers,” Donahoe said.

FASTAct Presentations  

Presentations from the FAST Act Workshop (See Attachments at Below)

Learn more about the transportation authorization act signed by the President

The FAST Act, signed into law by President Obama, provides 5-years of surface transportation authorization with increased funding levels. More details are available in the documents shown below.

FAST Act Workshop - Messages from Al Franken and Amy Klobuchar


MnDOT Awards $32M in TED Grants.  

See attached list of TED Grant Projects below.

Lt Gov Tina Smith and MnDOT Commissioner Charlie Zelle announced the projects for the latest round of funding provided under the Transportation Economic Development Program (TED).

The $32 million provided this year in state TED funds will help leverage other federal, state, local, and private funding for a total construction program of $137 million. State funding for the program comes from trunk highway dollars ($29.7 million) and DEED General Obligation Bonds ($2.3 million).

MnDOT and DEED received 22 project proposals to its 2015 solicitation. Eleven proposals came from the Twin Cities metro area and 11 from Greater Minnesota, requesting a total of more than $76 million in funding. Project selection was based on consistency with transportation plans, economic benefits, project financing and project readiness. It’s estimated that the recommended projects will create more than 5,900 jobs in the next five years.

All recommended Twin Cities Metro Area projects also have received federal funds under the Metropolitan Council Regional Solicitation Process. TED dollars are generally the last piece of funding needed to move each of the recommended projects toward letting. Construction lettings are scheduled between 2016 and 2018.

Federal Transportation Funding Action  

The “Developing a Reliable and Innovative Vision for the Economy Act,” or DRIVE Act, which was approved July 30 by the U.S. Senate, would reauthorize the federal highway and public transportation programs for a six-year period, fiscal years 2016-21. 

Letter to the Minnesota delegation in the House urging passage of a multi-year transportation act.

ARTBA Analysis of the 2015 Senate Surface Transportation Reauthorization Plan:

The US Senate passed a long-term highway bill.

Agency Requests for Transportation Funding in Capital Bonding Bill