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Corridors of Commerce Scoring and Prioritization Process - Update

Corridors of Commerce Project Selection Process

2017 Legislative Session Summary

Governor's Letter Vetoing Chapter 62, House File 861 - May 15, 2017

HF861 Summary

Camparison of Governor's Transportation Plan and Conference Committee Agreement

2017 Capital Bonding Proposal Comparison

2017 Legislative Session

Letter to Coferrees

House and Senate Republican Transportation Bills Summary

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Transportation in Minnesota - Key Facts

January 2017 State Transportation Funding Initiatives Report

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2017 Session Preview

2016 Election Analysis of Transportation Policy and Funding Initiatives

Governor's SWLRT Discussion

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Letter from Senator Stumpf and Representative Torkelson (June 4, 2016)

Tranportation Bonding Spreadsheet

Bonding Spreadsheet: June

Transportation Compromise Fact Sheet 1

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Spreadsheet for appropriations in SF2839 – Capital Bonding Bill

Amendment to HF4 heard in the Conference Committee regarding a pilot project for Public/Private Partnerships (P3s)

Transportation Project Funding Bills Introduced 2015-16 Biennium

2016 Local Road Projects

Summary of Major Finance House & Senate Provisions of HF4

2015 Transportation Finance Proposals Comparison

2016 Legislative Agenda

Preliminary Requests for Capital Bonding Dollars.

Small Cities Aid Model - Run Summary - Distribution of $12.5 Million in new funding for roads and bridges in cities under 5,000 population

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Chapter 75 2015

Transportation - FY 2016-17 Omnibus Conference Agreement

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Sales Tax on Fuel Facts

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The Fuel Tax in an Era of Declining Consumption

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MAP-21 Reauthorization Recommendations for Minnesota

Nolan Press Release - Representative Nolan serves on the Transportation and Infrastructure Committee in the House and is urging his colleagues to fix the Highway Trust Fund.

Fixing America's Surface Transportation (FAST) Act Details

Alliance Funding Principles

The Alliance develops its positions based on the following Funding Principles.