End of the Shutdown

End of the Shutdown

Yesterday Governor Dayton called the legislature back into session at 3:00 p.m. in order for legislature to pass a new two-year budget based on the agreement reached last week between the governor and legislative leaders.

After about 12 hours of work, the legislature adjourned at about 3:45 a.m., sending 12 bills to the governor’s desk. In addition to the budget bills, the legislature passed a capital bonding bill, legislation the Transportation Alliance had been promoting all session and after the government shutdown. The Alliance sent information to every legislator with a list of bridges that could be repaired or replaced in 2011 with about $76 million in state bridge bonds.  In addition, we urged legislators to pass funding for local roads, transit ways, transit facilities, ports and rail improvements.

The Final Capital bonding bill totaling $497.578 million contains

  • $33 million- Local Bridge Program
  • $10 million- Local Road Improvement Program
  • $3 million- Railroad Warning Device Replacement
  • $2.5 million- Greater Minnesota Transit
  • $3 million- Port Development Assistance
  • $3.7 million- Airport Infrastructure
  • $700,000- Rail Service Improvement
  • $20 million- Transit Capital Improvement Program
  • $4.8 million- Forest Roads and Bridges – DNR

The Transportation budget bill was also passed.  A summary of the legislation can be found here.  Once the governor has signed all of the bills, state government can open once again and notices will be sent out regarding the resumption of suspended projects and suspended agreements.


We will provide additional information as it becomes available regarding the resumption of state government services and transportation projects including an updated letting schedule.

MN/DOT recognizes the shutdown has contributed to expenses/losses for contractors and there will be claims.  MN/DOT desires to honor and process claims fairly, equitably, and quickly.

A process is being developed for the uniform and consistent management of claims.  Each project and the resultant claim(s) will be managed separately/individually within the framework parameters on a case by case basis.  MN/DOT resident engineers will be responsible for managing/resolving claims on their respective assigned projects.

 Claims will be accepted for losses during the shutdown.  Click here for a letter from Julie Skallman, State Aid Division Director. 

Any questions please feel free to contact The Transportation Alliance (651) 659-0804 or contact us here

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