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Dayton's Plan for Transportation Funding  

Today, Governor Dayton and Lt. Governor Smith announced their 10-year plan to address our state's critical transportation needs.

Their plan invests $6 billion in our state highway system, $2.356 billion for city and county roads and bridges, $2.92 billion for transit systems across Minnesota and $75 million in bike and pedestrian infrastructure. You will find more detail about the proposal in the documents posted here.

Governor Dayton's press release

Transportation funding prosposal overview

Transportation funding proposal breakdown

Governor Dayton's 2019 local government snapshot

The Governor’s plan includes the 6.5% gross receipts tax on fuel that the Minnesota Transportation Alliance has been championing over the last two years.  The plan also includes an increase in the metropolitan area sales tax for transit as well as an adjustment in the license tab fees. Funding for Greater Minnesota transit and bike and pedestrian infrastructure would also be increased over the next 10 years.

Video Recap Transportation Day 2015  

Transportation Day 2015 featured a large turnout from members and guests! Governor Dayton gave a morning address to the conference and local news, followed by legislative updates frommembers of the House and a panel discussion about transportation proposals around the nation.