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Transportation Day Handouts  

Download Transportation Day handouts here

Come to the Capitol Feb 23  

Transportation Day is Feb 23 details here

Roadmap to 2040  

Long-range transportation plan

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Gov shutdown info  

Transportation and the shutdown

Transportation plan  

We need your input!  We’re working to develop a plan for improving the transportation system…

Check out these maps in Adobe .pdf
Greater Minnesota
Metro 7 county

Minnesota’s Transportation System – 2040

We need your input!  We’re working to develop a plan for improving the transportation system all across the state.  We want to identify priority projects that our members believe need to be built by the year 2040. Some projects may be needed and are doable in the short-term – over the next 10 years – and some are more long-term projects.

Help us develop a map that shows Minnesotans the kind of multi-modal transportation system we could have by 2040 with additional revenue.

Sorel to Head Mn/DOT  

Governor-Elect Dayton has chosen Tom Sorel to continue as MnDOT Commissioner under the new administration.

We look forward to continuing to work closely with MnDOT on transportation issues heading into the next session.

Transportation Day at the Capitol  

More Pay Lanes  

MnDOT is floating the idea for the first time of charging carpools and motorcyclists, or raising the carpool-for-free threshold to three people, depending on congestion levels.In a new report, the department claims success with transit-toll express lanes on I-394 and I-35W and proposes an additional 167 miles of MnPASS lanes in the next 20 years.The Minnesota Transportation Alliance, a road and transit advocacy group, said MnDOT should keep planning bigger road expansion projects even if the state doesn't have the money now.Full story