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What will come of Trump’s infrastructure plan?  

President Donald Trump’s infrastructure plan gives high-hopes to many around the United States. President Donald Trump’s plan will not only improve bridges, tunnels, and roads around the country but also water mains, dams, airports and more.

In CNBC’s article “Trump’s jobs plan may create better-paying jobs than we’re used to” by Evelyn Cheng, she says “the American Society of Civil Engineers gave U.S. infrastructure a near failing grade of D+ in its 2017 "infrastructure report card."” Many Americans are acknowledging the fact that it is due time to give our country’s infrastructure an upgrade.

Even though Trump’s $1 trillion plan looks great for our country, where is the source of the funding? Not all the funding can be provided by private investments. According to Fox Business in their article “Could hike in gas tax be needed to pay for Trump Infrastructure Plan?” by Matthew Wisner, “President Trump's ambitious plan to invest up to $1 trillion in infrastructure projects has raised questions about how the White House intends to pay for it. One idea--an increase in the gas tax--has met with resistance in Washington.” Is this possible? Could America see the first increase in gas tax in over 20 years?

How can you change the future of transportation?  

Transportation in Minnesota is undoubtedly in an age of immense traffic increase. Like much of the rest of the world, vehicles are a must in this 21st century United States culture. What once had only 10 vehicles traveling daily, now has 1,000 vehicles traveling. And what once had only 140 vehicles traveling daily, now has 140,000 vehicles traveling.

Often people do not realize the crucial need to continuously develop and improve our road systems. How can you as a citizen, of not only the United States, but the state of Minnesota, help improve and change the future of Minnesota transportation?